We Tell the Refugee Story

Syrian Voices partners with StoryCorps to record, preserve and share the stories of refugees from around the world who are now resettled in the United States.

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We Connect Refugees to Resources

Syrian Voices helps refugees access the support of American businesses, government and individuals who warmly welcome refugees from around the world.

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We Teach the Way Forward

Syrian Voices conducts workshops and seminars that teach refugees how to navigate public life in the U.S.

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Helping Syrian Voices Resonate Throughout America

We help enhance the public image of refugees, tell their stories and generate support for them by relating their humanity to the media and American people.
We pursue this mission through education and training for refugees and refugee advocates, public relations campaigns to raise awareness on refugee issues; and by facilitating access to charitable resources.
The vision of Syrian Voices is to eliminate the social and political stigma associated with Syrian refugees, develop a national network of refugee advocates committed to supporting refugees from around the world, not just Syria.

Next Steps…

Send us your audio, video or written story about your experience as a refugee, refugee advocate or your opinion of support for refugees in America. Upload Your Story Here.

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